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AAI Annual Postgraduate Essay Prize:

The AAI established an annual Postgraduate Essay Prize in 2010. The winner will receive a cash prize of €100 and publication of their winning essay in the IJA. The Prize is open to postgraduate students studying anthropology or related disciplines, whose research that strengthens the anthropological tradition in Ireland.

Entry guidelines

Submissions should be no longer than 4,000 words, be previously unpublished, include a short abstract, and should conform to the style guidelines of the Irish Journal of Anthropology. Submissions must be made electronically (in .doc or .PDF format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The deadline for submission of essays for the 2012 prize will be announced in early 2012. The prize will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting.

AAI Annual Postgraduate Prize 2012

The AAI is delighted to announce that the winner of the AAI Postgraduate Essay Prize 2012 as Carol Wrenn for her essay “Rights based approaches and Santali systems of governance: contradictory or complementary?” This paper examines the relationship between rights and cultural identity through analysing the practical implementation of policies which aim to promote gender equality. As India increases its reservation for women in local level politics to 50%, the relationship between state level policies and indigenous governance becomes more complex, as is demonstrated through examples of a Santali community in northern Orissa, India. The Santali Majhi system and the decentralised system of state governance work in parallel to each other, yet the power vested in the locally elected women representatives interlinks and overlaps with the Santali system. This paper uses ethnographic material to analyse state policies at the local level from a gender and rights based perspective.


Carol Wrenn  -  winner 2012 AAI Postgraduate Essay Prize


AAI Annual Postgraduate Prize 2011

The AAI is pleased to announce the winner of the AAI Postgraduate Essay Prize 2011 as Bryanna Hocking for her essay “Transforming the Stone: Re-imagining Derry’s Diamond War Memorial in the new ‘post-conflict’ Northern Ireland“. This essay examines ‘post conflict’ efforts to re-think Derry’s Diamond War Memorial as a shared and relevant civic space for both the Protestant unionist and Catholic Nationalist communities. Drawing in part on Nora’s (1989) notion of lieux de memoire, the memorial’s past, present and future is explored as a series of conceptual shifts reflective of broader social and political trends toward accommodation in the construction of civic, communal and post-national Northern Irish identities. Particular attention is paid to two separate efforts which have aimed to recast the sculpture, first unveiled in 1927, in more inclusive terms.

Bryanna Hocking: Winner of the 2011 AAI Postgraduate Prize

AAI Annual Postgraduate Prize 2010

The 2010 prize went toNUI Maynooth student Svenja Gosen, for her essay “Spoken, Not Written: Story-telling, Lament and Gossip as Performance Events” (published in this number of IJA).


Svenja Gosen: Winner of the 2010 AAI Postgraduate Essay Prize

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